In this activity, we will being decoding the multiple choice section of the regents exam. Below you will see multiple choice questions about Rome. The wrong answers are crossed out. Look at the multiple choice questions and answers and try to figure out what words and ideas are repeated over and over again.

Make an inference: what do you need to remember about Rome for the multiple choice section of the regents exam? Send your inference to Andrew and Jessica will check your answer and hep you use it to make flashcards in the next activity.

Much of the wealth of the West African kingdoms of Ghana and Mali was gained from the
1. sale of slaves to Europeans
2. creation of colonies on the Mediterranean coast
3. taxation on goods brought by Indian merchants
4. control of the trans-Saharan trade in gold and salt

Which civilization best completes the heading of the partial outline below
I. _
A. Spread of Islam
B. Gold and salt trade
C. Growth of Timbuktu
D. Pilgrimage of Mansa Musa

1. Benin
2. Kush
3. Mali
4. Egyptian

Which economic activity was the basis for most of the wealth and power of the West African empires of Ghana and Mali?
1. hunting and gathering
2. farming and cattle ranching
3. trading in gold and salt
4. working in bronze and brass

The rise of the West African kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai can be attributed to
1. their emphasis on nationalism
2. the spread of Christianity
3. the rise of European imperialism
4. their locations near the trans-Saharan trade routes

Most of the rivers of Africa are of little help in transporting large quantities of goods and people because these rivers
1. flow towards the mountains
2. run only north and south
3. have many waterfalls and rapids
4. are not long enough

Which statement is a valid generalization about the geography of Africa?
1. The continent of Africa has diverse resources and topography.
2. Most African nations have vast oil reserves.
3. The nations of North Africa are dominated by rain forests.
4. The irregular coastline of Africa provides many excellent harbors.

Africa's geography is characterized by
1. an absence of rain forests
2. an irregular coastline and excellent harbors
3. a diversity of topography
4. a lack of major river systems

One similarity between the ancient African kingdoms of Egypt, Ghana, Mali, and Songhai is that all of these kingdoms were located
1. in mountainous terrain
2. in coastal areas
3. on major trading routes
4. in rain forest areas

Africa's rivers are often of little help in transporting large quantities of goods and people because they
1. flow toward the mountains
2. run only north and south
3. are not long enough
4. have many falls and rapids

What was a significant effect of Mansa Musa's pilgrimage to Mecca?
1. The African language spread to southwest Asia.
2. Military leaders eventually controlled Mecca.
3. Islamic learning and culture expanded in Mali.
4. The trading of gold and salt ended.