Directions: Read the story below and answer the following questions


1.Describe the chancellor.

2.Why did the chancellor control what books people could read?

3.Why was the chancellor so concerned about what was taught in school?

4.What were the secret police?

5. What is your opinion of the perfect country? Explain.

6. How did the Chancellor use nationalism to control the people?
7.The government described in this story is an example of a totalitarian government. Based on what you read, infer what a totalitarian government is?


There was a country that was completely safe and united. It was the perfect country. People in this country were never confused because their decisions were made by the chancellor, a leader more powerful than a president.

Ten years ago the chancellor was elected. After the election the chancellor gradually changed the government. Now there are no more elections. No matter what happens the chancellor was the ruler of the country. This was good for the people.

The Chancellor believed that his country was the best and should rule the world. His people quickly believed what they were told. The people of the perfect country began to look down on those who were not like them. Fear and distrust of the outside world began to spread. Citizens of the perfect country were encouraged to sacrifice themselves to keep the country great and strong.

The Chancellor only allowed books that support his ideas. He did this to protect the people. This was good for the people because they did not need to worry about being lied to by “bad books.” Schools only taught the Chancellors ideas. Children must know the truth and should not be encouraged to question authority. People must obey the chancellor to keep the country perfect. This was good for the people.

To keep the streets safe the chancellor created a secret police. It was the job of the police to find anyone who questions the chancellor and arrest him or her. People who question the chancellor are bad. They will hurt the perfect country and must not be allowed to spread their unclean ideas. The secret police help keep the country perfect. Liars who challenged the Chancellor held without a trial and are often never heard from again. This was good for the people.