Direction: Listen to the the two audio files below and complete the following tasks

Task 1: Both audio clips have questions. Answer the questions and email them to
Task 2: Based on what you heard do you think nationalism is positive or negative idea? You must explain your opinion. Post your opinion on the discussion board and comment on two other posts. DO NOT EMAIL ME THIS PART OF THE ASSIGNMENT

Otto Von Bismarck

1. What is unification?
2. How did Bismarck unify Germany?
3. How did Bismarck use nationalism to achieve his goal?
4. What is Blood and Iron?
5. Do you agree with Realpolitik? Explain.
6. Does clip present a positive or negative view of nationalism? Explain.

Click here to hear the audio file:

The former nation of Yugoslavia


1. What event led to the creation of Yugoslavia?
2. How did Nationalism prevent Yugoslavia from becoming unified?
3. What is genocide?
4. How did nationalism lead to genocide in Yugoslavia?